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Aboveground Gasoline and Diesel Storage Tanks

Guillotine has been in the business of manufacturing fill limiter valves for aboveground fuel storage tanks since 1992. We were the first to manufacture a fill limiting valve specifically designed for use on aboveground fuel storage tanks. It is still our specality.

The design is fairly simple. As the fuel rises, it raises the float which slides a sleeve over the openings in the bottom of the valve tube cutting off the flow. Hence the name Guillotine.

We offer two different diameter fill limiting valves to accomodate different flow rates. The one and 1/2 inch valve will handle flows up to 100 gallons per minute, and the three inch valve will handle flows up to 300 gallons per minute. All fill limiter valves are custom made to meet the customer's tank height and shut-off requirements.


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